Mistakes Most People Make


Mistakes Most People Make:

1) Most people are too busy and not willing to invest the time and energy necessary to get the lowest rate.

2) Most people are unaware their contract has expired and are overpaying for months and years.

3) Most people trust and accept all charges on their electric bill are valid and accurate.

4) Most people do not know they can pay much less for electricity by comparing Group Rate versus Retail Rate,

Deregulation is the Law! Protect Your Rights . . . You Have A Right To:

1) Receive the lowest rate per kilowatt hour year round.

2) Non-predatory and non-abusive billing and services.

3) No overcharges, no unauthorized fees, no mark-ups.

4) Accurate and error free electric billing.

What We Do

1) Group Rate Electricity company is an energy management and consulting company. 

2) We have been in business for 12 years helping people save 30% – 70% GUARANTEED on their electric bill through smart management of their electric bill.

3) We shop electric rates everyday to get you 30 to 70 percent Group Rate on your electricity.

4) We enroll our members in the best electric plan and the lowest fixed electric rate based on usage, location, strategic planning, etc.

5) We proactively monitor our members electric accounts for savings as market conditions change, make changes as necessary and manage their renewal

This client was very happy to break their early termination because of this saving.

Three steps:

1. Get current bill in hand.

2. Call Mr. Electricity (Hasson)


3. See your saving percentage amount in 10 seconds.