Empowering people with exceptional title services and a customer-centric approach.

We'll set up our mobile studio in your business or home. 


360 Media 4U works with each individual to ensure they are completely prepared.  

- Clients will receive proofs within 3 days.

- Photos per your package are delivered via email

- Additional photos can be purchased at a discount price. 
- Professional prints are available per your request.

On-location Travel
- Quick and easy set up on Location

- Travel & setup fee will be included with your quote. 
- 360 Media 4U travels throughout the DFW Metroplex

- Travel outside of 50 miles is subject to a small fee.

General Tips

  • Tell us your expectations,

  • Let us know what kind of look you want, Head & shoulder or Head to waist.

  • Tell us how and where the photo will be used

  • Drink lots of water and be well rested so your eyes will not have dark circles.

  • Arrive on time, being relaxed reduces the stress

What to Wear - Everyone

  • Wear clothes that make you look great.
  • Make sure your jacket and shirt fit you well.

  • A poor fitting jacket or shirt will be obvious in the photos (especially around the neck)

  • Clothes should be neatly pressed and should look new or like new

  • Avoid busy patterns and large lines/stripes

What to Wear - Men

  • The standard business look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie

  • A casual business look is often a jacket and open dress shirt, shirt and tie or dress shirt on its own.

  • Polo shirts are a good look for some businesses. Be sure the shirt is in good condition and fits well.

  • A white dress shirt by itself is a bad idea - unless you plan to wear it underneath something (jacket or sweater)

What to Wear - Women

  • Avoid big prints and busy patterns

  • For a no-jacket casual look, bring various colored blouses - ideally darker than your skin tone

  • Be stylish and fashionable, but remember the picture is about your face and not your clothes or jewelry

  • Sleeveless tops/dresses can draw attention to your shoulders/arms.



  • Keep jewelry extremely simple - small is better

  • Avoid jewelry that would distract from your face or that looks dated

  • Shinny jewelry can causes a reflection on your skin.  

  • The picture is about your face, not your jewelry

  • Consider if facial piercings or multiple ear piercings are appropriate for where your photo will be displayed. Airbrushing can remove most marks and blemishes

What to Bring

  • A good attitude & a great smile.

  • Lip balm, Hair brush/comb

  • Makeup, founder powder and hair products you prefer