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    SGT McQ (SQuirt) (Monday, 26 February 2024 12:06)

    Peace..names Sgt McQuirter..Soldiers know m3 as SQuirt.Wow.. a thing im positive of is that nyone was expecting to be here, esp so soon, for Unc Willie.. thats who he became to m3. ..blessings to his mom, thank you for birthing such an incredible human. The spirit belonging is definitely a gem. My friend Unc Willie was always a force in the kindest and most respectful ways. Present for m3 since we met in 2008. I just wanted to speak my peace hoping that his spirit is listening ..such a great one ..thank you for being whom the Holy Spirit saw you to be for countless souls in glory sir.
    Family..all love. The Soldiers are reachable 469 579-7510 for any info regarding any thing esp, military. Peace

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    Hasson Diggs, Celebrity Photographer (Saturday, 24 February 2024 08:06)

    Thank you Family for allowing my company to capture these priceless moments.
    Hasson Diggs