Picture Day



We will create a affordable package based on your  demographics.

Our suggested packages are between : $99.00 and $179.00

Our packages include: Regular & Poster prints plus a custom ID Photo Badge




As a fund raiser, Great for Churches, Schools, Youth Sports, Social Clubs and Non-profits organizations.



Why Us?

360 Media is committed to the spirit of excellent. Our team of professionals has a wealth of resources available to give you the highest quality of service available.


Guarantee maximum performance entitles  you to a Full Refund if we can’t meet your requirements.



How does it work?

1. We will set up a mobile studio inside your Church.

2. All photos will be taken on a Green Screen.

3. We will create marketing material to notify members and keep them updated.

4. We has a system that is very effective in ensuring families have a pleasant  experience.



Mobile Studio

Set Up

Our mobile studio is easy to set up,

Each family will be on a 10 increment cycle.

The volunteers will help with double checking the orders and collecting the deposits.




For Picture Day

1. We will create a landing page website with detail instructions how to prepare for your photography session.

2. Reminders and follow ups notices will be send to members.

3. Members will be given a order sheet so they can pre-select their photo items, before there shoot.



Profit Sharing

We will donate 35% of all profits back to your organization.

The profit sharing will be calculated after our overhead expenses have been subtractions.  Our overhead includes, material cost and labor to prepare package.

Please call or text us to schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements. 

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